A downloadable game for Windows

Grand Battle is an action orientated action RPG for 1 to 4 players!

In this demo you get to play the first part of the game. 

Want to play with 4 friends on a couch with game pads? You can do that!

Want to play by yourself with just keyboard and mouse. That is awesome too!

Default Demo Controls:

These are configurable in the options menu but we will put them here just to help everyone out :)

Movement - WSAD

Confirm / Interact / Attack 1 - Left Click

Back / Attack 2 - Right Click

Attack 3 - Q

Attack 4 - E

Switch control to the next hero in your party - 2

Switch control to the previous hero in your party - 1

Show the menu - TAB

Show the in field Item menu - Z

For release information and steam store details please visit



Install instructions

Simply run the installer and an icon should be placed in your start menu and desktop for you to run. When you are finished simply uninstall!

If you are having trouble download the demo from here you can get it on our site!



Grand Battle Demo
Grand Battle Full Game

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